11 thoughts on “Dominic Filiou: My, What Big Arms You Have!”

  1. Hey PpL if you are not related to rita Boudreau or antonio Filiou well you aren’t my cousins or part of the familly directly 😛 Sorry none of your name are in my familly so you must be faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar relative… like a couple of generation ago… also remember in those days PpL didn’t write their familly name the right way so you might be really called filio or filiatrault or other stuff like that just your grampa (ancestor) didn’t write the familly name the right way 😛

    My cousin isn’t gay, he’s maried and yea no luck for you guys ha ha! Also no I’m not telling anything more cuse honestly leave him alone…-.-…he has a life…

    P.S.: not the best pic I’ve seen 😛

    1. Well, then, I wish the Boudreau and Filiou family to live a full and healthy incestuous life, since your family tree seems to be the only one that matters in this world.

    2. Dear Veronique, Michel Filiou and Keith Mccoy are related to you. Michels parents and my grandparents were Antonios brother and sister in law.Raymond was Antonios younger brother who lived in Ontario.Check with some of Mon oncle Antonios kids.Antonios parents were named Joseph and Josephine. Also Antonio use to like to visit the Val Tetrau that was owned by the Seguins, last I knew Luc took it over for his father. I met him in katimavik in the eighties. It is a small world and you have relatives you never knew about because we live far away and you must be young not to know my grandparents Raymond and Lucienne. So have a good day and don’t be so sure who your related to until you ask the rest of the family! Bon journee ma cousine. Josee (I was named for Pepere and Memere!)

  2. hey dominic this is keith i am 12 years old and my moms name is diane filiou and im trying to find out if we are related
    my moms dads name is raymond and her mothers name is lucienne and we are from canada
    my mom works for milos sarcev’s at kolosyem gym in fulerton california
    if you are in the area please come through and work out
    my moms email address is marijanes@live.com
    hope to hear from you soon

    Keith A mccoy

  3. Hi Dominic,

    Just wondering if we are related. My father’s name was Raymond & my mother’s name was Lucienne Pelletier. Please respond at your conveniance.
    Thank you

    Michel E Filiou.

  4. “behemot of pure hotness”…

    just these words could put any chaser on fire!

    and the point of view of the last pic with this piece of meat…

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