[BearPit] Terry Hollands: Massive Arms Of A Massive Man






Terry Hollands is just a majorly cutie woofy that I’ve regressed into a quivering school girl when describing this man’s bulky arms in a rhyming scheme.  Still, what would you be doing if you’re standing inches away from this big man?  Also, he reminds me of a younger and bigger Ray Winstone which is a bonus in my bear book…

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5 thoughts on “[BearPit] Terry Hollands: Massive Arms Of A Massive Man”

  1. Congratulations for your blog! Fresh, well-done and very e x c i t i n g! 🙂

    Totally agree with you about mr Holland. But when you wrote about mr Ray- THE Ray- Winstone, i knew this blog would be one of my favorite!

    Go on for all of us!

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