YouTube: A Place Where Chubby Bears Strip & Dance

This is one of my most-watched video on YouTube.  I keep watching it and hoping that the scene will change where the camera doesn’t miss the cute chubby bear flexing his arms.  Alas, it never does.

But one of my favorite thing to do is reading the comments.  I really view it as a “Collective Bear Response” (I’m trademarking that for my Bear Dissertation, lol).  What does that mean?  Well, we obviously prefer a certain “look” and once we all feel a collective attaction to such said look, we would all then develop similar thought processes.  For example, in the above video, I was annoyed at that brief moment of missing the muscle flexing.  Now here is a screenshot from someone who felt the same thing:


I’m not an English snob, by any means (you have to hear me speak English, as I still have that Filipino accent), but I find posts like this endearing.  We can safely assume that the poster does not speak English as his first language which would explain the usage of “losted.”  I just love it.  I’m not putting him down, because *I* personally was thinking the same thing.  I don’t care whether I said/thought, “We have lost a critical scene in this video where the chubby bear had flexed his gorgeous biceps.”  The point is, I agree.  The camera man was indeed stupid.  And we did losted his bicep!!!!!

Innernet.  Gotta love it.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube: A Place Where Chubby Bears Strip & Dance”

  1. this is one of my most-watched video on youtube too. and i love to read comments. First i saw this video on youtube i loved this comment because it said what i thought…

    And again, damned you camare man!

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