“Who’s The Daddy?”: Happy 51st Birthday, Ray Winstone

To celebrate Ray Winstone’s birthday, here’s a couple of collages from two of his Holsten Pils’ telly adverts:



This is the only YouTube video I could find on one of Mr. Winstone’s Holsten Pils ads. 

(Obviously, I suck at numbers.  I previously mentioned that Mr. Ray Winstone was turning 50, when in fact, he turns 51 today.  Other than that, I’d give me cobbler’s awls away just to be wid ‘im.)

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One thought on ““Who’s The Daddy?”: Happy 51st Birthday, Ray Winstone”

  1. Hello Guys, I’m Chris a 40 yrs old Canadian Bear Cub. I have to salute this blog, you’ve got the best Ray Winstone pics known to man (as well as a great place for Bear,Husky Chub Men. If your a fan or a Big guy I’d love to hear from you. Cheers Chris

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