Defending Donnie Davies

I figure I post this as I’ve been emailed/scolded a goodly enough time to set me straight. <– sarcasm

Donnie Davies and his Evening Service is a hoax.  I am not sure who actually created it, but the viral internet video frontman of it all is an actor/entertainer, Joey Oglesby.  In his MySpace Page (which, quite frankly, has the gayest pink wallpaper background I have ever seen — sorry, Joey, but it’s true), click on his blog and you’ll read the following:

Joey on Donnie Davies

I , joey oglesby, have recently been identified as the fundamentalist preacher and songwriter Donnie Davies. I am very aware of the uncanny similarities in our appearance, including a very unfortunate chicken pox scar in between my eyes. Also, while we are both big fans of lists, his deals with gay bands while mine is a comprehensive list of ladders. However, that is where the similarities end. For instance, my Mom will tell you that I am much skinnier and more handsome than him. Also he can dunk a basketball, where as, I cannot. Although, in interest of full disclosure and to prevent further confusion, I can touch the rim and have a wicked sweet jump shot.

Most importantly though, our messages are vastly different. Donnie’s message seems to be one of hate and intolerance, where as mine, is of love and acceptance. Ultimately, it is my opinion that the message Donnie Davies conveys and the prejudice inherent in it do indeed exist in this world. Although i disagree personally with Pastor Davies, it seems his video has sparked some much needed dialogue. And for that i am grateful. But, it is ultimately the difference in our messages that makes me, Joey Oglesby, and him Donnie Davies, two very different people.

Joey Oglesby

Joey Oglesby’s Comprehensive List of Ladders (shortest to longest)

Bunk Bed
Rope (position depends on length of rope)
A frame *
Little giant
Fire truck (red)

There you have it.  The best thing is that I stumbled upon that blog entry while searching for “proof”; and because of it, I am now an even bigger fan of his (is that even possible?).  Anyway, the following are my Googled links showing that Joey Oglesby is an entertainer, first and foremost, where he seems to be interested in truly thought-provoking drama and comedy that border on the obscene and offensive:

Theater: Jesus Hates Me’ provokes questions between the laughs

Chicken & Pickle Guys

Dallas Theatre League

Joey Oglesby has done such a tremendously good job in keeping Donnie Davies’ character in check that he had managed to infuriate — a gay-friendly site that ironically uses “humor and irreverence rather than anger and protests, Good As You represents a new generation of GLSBT activism.”  If anything, Good As You should have been massively promoting Donnie Davies if they claimed to use “humor and irreverence.”  You can’t get much better irreverent humor than Donnie Davies.  Here’s a couple of posts by that site:

Our short, mostly-confined-to-the-blogosphere nightmare is over

Friday Night Davies
friday night lights

Well, I sure hope that clear things up.  As Toad The Wet Sprocket once sang, All I Want is to just see more of Joey Oglesby, or something like that.

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4 thoughts on “Defending Donnie Davies”

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  2. Ah, I see, Jeremy. I just get overprotective over bears that I find immensely dreamy. It’s just I’ve been getting “hate” emails over my Donnie Davies posts that I just had to vent. Unfortunately, I vented at you and your site as well.

    So I sincerely apologize for calling your much-needed blog “infuriated” over the whole incident. I should have realized how *I* would have felt if I had received the same response. I was misguided there as my attraction took the better of me.

    Big Hugs, my friend.

  3. Hey there. Jeremy from Good As You here. Just wanted to say that with the Donnie Davies situation, it wasn’t the video itself that ultimately proved annoying to those of us in the gay online world. Most of us (G-A-Y included) pinpointed it as a great parody and were ready to applaud it as a humorous way to create a teachable moment. We were fans.

    What became annoying was the way the whole thing played out after Joey was pinpointed. It had become a parlor game in online circles for about a week, with many of us dedicating considerable time to the routine. So once he was fingered, there was a sense of satisfaction. We wanted to applaud him for the whole thing. But when he continued to deny it after the wave had already crested, it just became a big “Who cares?” situation. It turned into a joke that didn’t seem to have the point that many of us hoped it was meant to have.

    Now, that’s not to slight Joey — he of course didn’t owe anything to the world of gay activism, and the character he created was a great piece of theatre. It just wasn’t the spot-on bit of political satire that we thought it have been. Realizing our expectations were misplaced, we moved on.

    But “infuriated” is a strong word. 😉 And I LOVED Joey on “FNL.”

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