SquiggMonster: Funny Chubby Bear

Big chubby bear, armpits, demented sense of humor.  Wow.  I’m completely in love with this bear, SquiggMonster.

Also check out this funny “I’m Not Gay” One-Bear Skit.

EDIT: Well, apparently, I can’t embed these videos, so here are the links:


I’m Not Gay

CLARIFICATION: SquiggMonster is not a gay man/gay bear.  “Bearish,” yes, but he is not gay.  I should have been clear with that in the first place.

One thought on “SquiggMonster: Funny Chubby Bear”

  1. Squiggmonster is so SEXY!! He really “floats my boat”. My yacht that is. I don’t care that he’s straight (DAMMIT) and I don’t care that he doesn’t show much (top of chest hair, armpit, etc) because when you’re this sexy you don’t have to show much. Just simply…….yummy.

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