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I used to spend most of my online activity at movie sites back in the day.  I still do, but not as much.  Anyway, I used to post for quite a bit on what I still think is the best news site for movies:

One of the Editors of this site is the ever woofy, Devin Faraci.  I love this guy as he’s extremely passionate to the point that he could come off as a dickwad or an asshole — take your prick.  The thing is, I love him even further because of that.  Some message board posters love to bash him, especially about his looks and weight.  All I can say is that they’re not seeing what I’m seeing.  Mr. Faraci’s a sexy bear stud, hands down.  Proof?  Here’s a collage of him from G4’s Attack of the Show’s “Loop Week in Review”:

Ah, yes, Mr. Faraci just keeps getting hotter and hotter…

True story.  A few years back, I happened to mention via live chat about some bonehead calling me a “hag” but starting with the letter “f” (sorry, but *that* word’s filtered).  Next thing I knew, he was up and arms and wanted to know who it was so that he could have that poster banned from the site.  I refused to tell him as I did not want to be a “whiny sissy” about the whole situation, but I’ll never forget how he wanted to defend me.  So, yeah, that little gay little girl* within me fell in love with such chivalry.

If you guys (and gals) want to read insightful movie reviews, make sure to check out Mr. Faraci’s articles.  I normally agree with him, and if I don’t, his opinions are still a great read: full of wit, sarcasm, and charm.

And with that, I’d like to embarrass him with a video he recorded live for a handful of us Chewers (term used for the readers/posters) during one of our daily night chat sessions.  Boy, was I glad I was awake on that Thursday night.  At 10pm.  On February 20.  2003.  Lol.  Hey.  The video’s date-stamped, you fokkers!  -_^

I can loop this thing, over and over again…

* No offense to little girls who are indeed gay.

7 thoughts on “Devin Faraci: Smart, Witty, & Woofy Geeky Editor Of”

  1. Devin Faraci is pompous douche, his hate for superheros is only matched by his love for little men with hairy chests. We get it guy, you don’t like superheros, you don’t like batman. So write about something else!

  2. Dont know much about this dude but CHUD is the worst movie site. It’s about 20 regular posters who circle jerk each other like you just did and really nothing substantive about movies.

  3. Devin’s hatred of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale has become ridiculous. Dude will seize any ounce of what seems a moment to attack. He actually thinks Bale will be making DTV movies because he doesn’t make happy movies.

  4. I believe you are mistaken, sir. Devin does not ‘come off’ as an asshole, he is one.

    go read his articles on CHUD. Read his replies to people in the forums. Again, that is not passion, it is anger and ignorance.

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