Guy Fieri: TGI Friday’s Commercial

Thanks to “Corey” from the previous post, I got a heads up that Guy Fieri was in a TGI Friday’s commercial.  So, I went to the official site, copied the commercial, then uploaded it to YouTube, so that I could properly compare him to 80’s icon, Corey Haim…  ^_^

Corey Haim’s 80’s doppelganger?

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5 thoughts on “Guy Fieri: TGI Friday’s Commercial”

  1. I am actually watching Guy Fieri right now on Food Network. It’s interesting that people just think he’s a douchebag due to his appearance and excitement. By all accounts, he’s super nice, a great father and husband, and he gives back to his community. Also, plus, most importantly? He’s the second-hottest guy on Food Network (no one’s gonna beat Duff Goldman). SOMEONE find some shirtless pics of him! PLEASE!!!!

    Thanks for uploading this.

  2. Guy Fieri is very sexy! It was obvious to me from the very first moment I saw him on Food Network. I don’t understand why there isn’t more sex blog about him on the internet. The comments I find are usually snide which don’t apply to him. His sex appeal is a dyed-blond California slant on the classic “Italio Bear” look which most people found adorable in The Sopranos. I watch Guy all the time looking for bulge shots (which he suspiciously seems to be aware of) and wind blowing his shirt up for a bellybutton or treasure trail peek. None so far, but there’s a few underarm and side boob hits all of which seem to satisfy. I can’t get enough of him and I know I’m not the only one. So where are you people? Guy is HOT! It’s OK to like him. You have permission. I mean, you already came out of the closet. Right? Why stop there?

    1. I normally try to edit out the negative comments on my YouTube page, but since Guy Fieri is quite well-known, there seems to be this universal law that “famous celebrities” should be slammed regardless of sense or reason. Plus it was a nationwide-broadcasted commercial and people have the right to comment on it.

      Still, it’s just amazing to read the comments for that commercial. Most of them would unanimously call him a “douche” with no further explanations as to why he is a “douche.” He just *is* simply because of his different appearance. I think it stems from the fact that he is obviously straight, yet he dresses up pretty “gay.” I’m still not sure where the hate is stemming from…

      But, man, Harry, my question is: do you think Guy Fieri is hot? ;P Anyway, as I was inspired by your heartfelt Guy Fieri love letter, I will compose another Guy Fieri post.

  3. I do see a resemblance especially since Corey Haim has gained a few good pounds. Plus the fact that both of their fashion senses are still stuck in the ’80s…

    (And on an unrelated note, there’s a sequel to one of my 80’s guilty pleasure, “The Lost Boys,” and this Corey won’t be in it. Boo!)

    As for Andrew Zimmern, yeah, he is definitely a hot chubby daddy. Because of him, I could stomach watching his show.

  4. The day after I put that comment I ended up watching his show and he still looks like Corey Haim, but not as much as he does in the commercial. On the subject of hot food guys, theres Andrew Zimmerman, the host of Bizarre Foods on the Travel channel.

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