Ty Olsson: Finally Shirtless… Somewhat

Through rabid Ty Olsson searches, I happily stumbled upon this page where Ty Olsson is shirtless. The guys on that page are not my type and if I did not know about Ty Olsson then stumbled upon his page, I probably would have discounted his shirtless pics there as just “another muscular dude.”

However, despite him being leaner in these pics, it’s that massive neck of his that keeps bringing me back to stare at his handsome face… Anyway, without that site owner’s permission, here is a collage from his animated gif file… ^_^

I took a wild, educated guess that these are stills from the TV Series, Men In Trees.


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8 thoughts on “Ty Olsson: Finally Shirtless… Somewhat”

  1. Hot Hot Hot. Sigh. Hope Dean has not said his last goodbye – they almost wrote this relationship gay! What am I saying – almost. Yah right…:p Hot guys, real girls..it`s a tough world!! I`m really glad I`m old and marginally satisfied with my life – cause wow – this guy could have sent me on a quest to guest him! Real glad I`m old. Real glad….mumble…

  2. i love ty olsson with a few extra pounds, when appeared in x men 2…. the scene when he was seduced by a woman.. that is the hottest scene.. i love him
    anyone has nude pics of ty?

  3. Who needs pictures… I ran in to him today when I was buying a new bikes with the family! I thought it was him but wasn’t sure and had to ask… that’s when he told me to check out his new show Defying Gravity!

  4. I heard Ty is one of the cast of a new show called Defying Gravity and that apparently he’ll have his shirt off lots!!!

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