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Ty Olsson: Finally Shirtless… Somewhat

Through rabid Ty Olsson searches, I happily stumbled upon this page where Ty Olsson is shirtless. The guys on that page are not my type and if I did not know about Ty Olsson then stumbled upon his page, I probably would have discounted his shirtless pics there as just “another muscular dude.”

However, despite him being leaner in these pics, it’s that massive neck of his that keeps bringing me back to stare at his handsome face… Anyway, without that site owner’s permission, here is a collage from his animated gif file… ^_^

I took a wild, educated guess that these are stills from the TV Series, Men In Trees.


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Ty Olsson: “Just Friends” (2 of 2)

Obviously, Mr. Ty Olsson’s character’s look of an “older, drunken, and washed-up local football hero has-been” would involve being overweight and having a balding head and scruffy beard.

Fortunately for me (and I’m sure for most of you as well) this is just the woofylicious* look that I go crazy for…

* Apologies to Fergie and her lovely lady lumps…







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Ty Olsson: “Chaos Theory”

When I first saw X2: X-Men United on opening day, I lost concentration on the movie ever since Ty Olsson‘s character showed up. And ever since then, I would occasionally keep track of his bio to see what else he’s doing. I was a bit disappointed to know that he’s not typically a heavyset guy and that he specifically gained weight for that film (as discussed in this great interview). Still, my first impression of him will be burned in my memory forever. As a bonus, I love the fact that he resembles Larry the Cable Guy.

The following screenshots are from a trailer for Chaos Theory. It’s an upcoming film that stars Ryan Reynolds, who had also starred in another film with Mr. Ty Olsson called Just Friends.





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