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Keith Knight: Punk Bear Of “Class Of 1984”

All I can say is even though I love Keith Knight as a “friendly chubby,” I must admit that I also love him as a “bad@$$ bear” who wears totally awesome 80’s getups — especially those that would reveal his husky frame and furry body…  (And why didn’t my high school have this type of dress code?)

Nothing hotter than a smoking hot bear who’s smoking…

If I was that kid actor on the right, I’ll probably screw up my 2 lines or so…

…And I’ll definitely keep staring at that furry chubby bear’s body.



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Keith Knight: Nerdy Chub Turned Tough Bear In “Class Of 1984”

Class Of 1984 was the movie when I fell in love with a character I was not aware at the time was Keith Knight, aka Larry from Meatballs.  Mr. Knight’s role here as “Barnyard” was so different from his lovable “Larry” that I was fooled into not putting the same actor together.  Only was I in college did I realize this — back when my IMDB of the time used to be a big and heavy Video Guide Bible (rest assured that all films that had bears on them were carefully highlighted and marked).  ^_^

Anyway, the following is Keith Knight’s “Barnyard” in all his badass glory…






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Keith Knight: “Queer As Folk”

What exactly is it about chubby bears with glasses that drives their admirers crazy?

So here we have Mr. Keith Knight in his late 40’s. Incredible how his wonderful cherubic “nerdy” chubby look has kept up with him. He played a plastic surgeon, specializing in derrière enhancements, in Queer As Folk (Season 2, Episode 11).

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Keith Knight: Larry The Hotdog Eating Champ Of “Meatballs”

I was 8 years old when I saw the film, MeatballsMore importantly, it was the film that introduced me to a chubby actor who I felt an instant attraction with, Keith Knight.  (Little did I know that I will see him in another film a few years later but never realized it was him.)


I remember being attracted to his character, Larry/Fink.  I loved how he wore extremely tight clothing that were oftentimes too small for his chubby frame.  I was too young to understand the concept of “nerdy/geeky” at the time, but I guess part of me was attracted to such “nerdy” demeanor.  Of course, being 8 years old, I never had a sexual attraction towards him.  I just thought that he looked unbelievably beautiful.

Hotdog Eating Contest: Larry vs. The Stomach

While I was making that “Meatballs” collage, I found out from IMDB that Mr. Keith Knight had passed away last year on August 22.  He was only 51 years old.

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