Joey Oglesby: My Obsession With This Catchy Cub Continues

Yes, I’m constantly visiting Mr. Joey Oglesby’s MySpace Page for any updates and such.  And, boy howdy, he just recently uploaded some new hot photos.  I swear, he could be wearing a burlap sack and he’s still going to be as hot and woofy as ever.

One word: “Damn!”  That’s a truly badass look.
They need to replace Hugh Jackman with Mr. Oglesby for the
upcoming “Wolverine” film!… ASAP!

Like I said, he could wear just about anything and still be teh hotness.

Lol.  Joey’s the younger brother.  Something’s inherently sexy
about a younger sibling who is of a bigger frame than the older one.

Well, wow!

Joey with Kevin Everett

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