Larry Joe Campbell: “According To Jim”

LFBears from YouTube has a fantastic set of bear video clips that are definitely my type of videos.  In fact, every clips he had uploaded were scenes that I would definitely watch over and over again.  I truly feel a kinship with this man as his selections are top notch.  I really feel old as LFBears is only 26.  If there was an Honors Award for “Excellent Work On Bear Hunting” this man will receive it.  Lol.

Anyway, he has uploaded some hot and woofy scenes of a shirtless Larry Joe Campbell from the long-running series, According To Jim:

Jim Belushi bares it here as well as he ain’t bad…
But, man, you put a cherubic Larry Joe Campbell and, according to ME,
that angelic chub is just teh hotness…

Shirtless.  Sweaty.  Wet.  Daaym…

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2 thoughts on “Larry Joe Campbell: “According To Jim””

  1. Dammit. Yes, I would always check his YouTube videos religiously and I was shocked and depressed to find out that YouTube has suspended his account. I really wish that there’s a better alternative to YouTube where it’s not strict with copyrighted content. I mean, it’s not that he’s posting whole movies. At best, they’re very short clips and a great way to introduce films to people who have otherwise had missed.

    LFBears, if you can read this, keep us informed on what you’ll decide to do next with your treasure trove of bear video goodness.

  2. I whole-heartedly agree. I actually subscribed to him on Youtube because we have exactly the same taste. He is the best bearhunter but unfortunately Youtube took his channel down. I was going to download all his stuff (I even made them all favorites) but they are no longer available including the ones shown here by Larry Joe Campbell. My all time favorite is the pool scene of Noble Willingham in The Last Boy Scout but that was taken down too and I didn’t get to download it 🙁

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