Just some things I’d like to say…

Dearest Readers,

Well, I have officially calmed down about the Scotty Biggs thing.  I just realized that I am partly to blame.  I am responsible for encouraging the very people I am scolding.  I mean, seriously, I was just reading my rant on the previous post — a rant which follows this part:

There’s just something about a big man being photographed/recorded amidst the backdrop of a tranquil ocean and clear blue sky.  There’s just something so serene and beautiful about it.  You might even say that this is a fetish of sorts.  I guess it’s no different from Sports Illustrated’s annual Swimsuit Edition, I guess.

So, yes.  I guess I am an instigator.  However, I just assume that people out there actually have common sense and the plain decency to keep their inappropriate comments to themselves…

Er…  Yeah.  Good luck with that, Will, and have fun dreaming in your lala world.

But, I urge you guys to please show restraint.  And, for God’s sakes, please do not mention this blog!  You know how much it pains me to remove photos that I post here.  I’m an orderly perfectionist and it annoys the hell out of me to see that great photo taken down.  But, I am simply a scavenger of OPP (“other people’s photos”) and I must comply with the owners’ wishes…

So, in short, please be kind to others.  Or, better yet, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  A wise man had once said that.  Live it.  Please.


If you guys mess up again, Fat Fuck Barrel Boy will give you a visit.

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