Googling Googy Gress

Googy Gress is one of my perennial favorite chubby bear.  I first noticed him in the late 80’s film, Vibes, which starred Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper.  He wasn’t as chubby as he is now, but his handsome and youthful face remains with him to this day.

Check out the cute chubby prison guard in the back.  A bit too young, I think.
Movie was probably low budget.

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4 thoughts on “Googling Googy Gress”

  1. dear googy,
    hi,my name is sana islam.i wanted to write this story to u that’
    this happened in real that once i took my googy book to my school and i read it to everyone cause we had a reading competition and we had to take a book and read it so i got 1st prise so i want to say thanks for your great book called googy.

  2. I just wonder… how can a SPLENDID face/way of looking (main photo) really exist, while the same person (GOOGY GRESS) looked so different in other situations/times, even appearing so common (I´d dare to say, ALMOST ugly or… uninviting, as on his last pix of the same page). Yes, he yet showed he was a handsome man since he was young (“The First Turn On”), but there´s an immense change to his “screen production” main pic, upwards, maybe due to money, fame, age increasing, make-up???

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