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Googy Gress: “MinuteMen” Short Film

I’m not quite sure how to react to this short film.  If it was trying to be a “dark comedy,” I think that it has failed spectacularly.  And if it was trying to be a “dramatic short,” it feels incomplete.  Regardless, it’s 9 minutes of Googy Gress.  That’s fine enough with me.

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Googling Googy Gress

Googy Gress is one of my perennial favorite chubby bear.  I first noticed him in the late 80’s film, Vibes, which starred Jeff Goldblum and Cyndi Lauper.  He wasn’t as chubby as he is now, but his handsome and youthful face remains with him to this day.

Check out the cute chubby prison guard in the back.  A bit too young, I think.
Movie was probably low budget.

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