Shawn Northcutt: Photographer, Dancer, Woofer

Shawn Northcutt is the woofy owner of Shawn Northcutt Photography.  He is also one of the founding members of the all-male dance troupe for the Dallas Mavericks called the Mavs Maniaacs.

Mr. Northcutt is definitely a “Big Daddy.”  No disputing here!

6 thoughts on “Shawn Northcutt: Photographer, Dancer, Woofer”

  1. Shawn, are you still around. you did photos of my family and my business several years ago. i’d love to hire you for more, I’m a father now!!! Please call Jarrad 214.797.1900.

  2. Shawn, it was great meeting you and Tim in Honolulu
    I pray it will not be our last opportunity to see each other
    Congratulations on all your success and longevity of relationship
    you both seem to be wonderful people, if you have any single “friend”
    seeking a different experience please have them look me up. I look
    forward to becoming a life long friend – Aloha

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