Big Papi David Ortiz & Manny Ramirez: Red Sox Mountain

I haven’t written a BearFic in a long while (lol, I can hear a collective “Thank God!”), but this video and photo set of Boston Red Sox’s David “Big Papi” Ortiz and Manny Ramirez creates this beautiful story for themselves…

Nobody gets into my home base, except for my Manny. Nobody.

Dammit, Manny, not here and control yourself!

Sorry, Big Papi, I just can’t help it…

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7 thoughts on “Big Papi David Ortiz & Manny Ramirez: Red Sox Mountain”

  1. Kimmy, you’re certainly not the only one. There’s a certain spark missing at the plate and in the dugout. The good news is that Manny is alive and well, albeit with somewhat shorter dreads. He’s tearing the cover off the ball in L.A. All you need to do is Google him and you can have your fill of him whenever you want (and one can never have too much Manny as far as I’m concerned).

  2. Tried describing this kind of relationship to my wife just this morning,…boys being men being boys,…

    Think I’ll just have her sit down and enjoy this piece of beautiful video art.

    Thanks to SmashedBilly and Stacie…

  3. Female Red Sox fan and baseball slashfic fan here. I *love* this post! Papi and Manny are both amazing in so many ways, and as is common for Dominican men, they’re not afraid to be affectionate with each other. They’re so much fun to watch…even more fun when you add their little buddy Lugo into the mix, but of course he’s not exactly a “bear.” He looks more like an aging twink. 😉

  4. Lol. I did not make that video nor do I share the person’s sentiments about the Red Sox.

    I am a Yankees fan, though, but the BoSox are definitely playing much better baseball right now, even without the Big Papi.

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