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Luca O’Zulu: Bearish, Woofy, & Italian


Back in the day of dial-up internet connection, one of the best websites I frequented was orsiitaliani.com (and it is still the best: check out their unbelievable Movie Bears page).  It was one of my first experiences with a website that celebrated “bearish personalities” in the media.  It opened up my virgin eyes to a world where I did not feel alone.  There were actually people out there who were like me.  I just wish that my tale was a lot cooler, such as finding out that I had super powers, or that I was an alien, or that I was the descendant of a shape-shifting clan (where did that one come from?); but, alas, all I found out was that I was gay and that I was attracted to big and husky dudes.  Oh well.

Anyway, one of the bearish media personalities Orsi Italiani introduced me to was Luca O’Zulu of 99 Posse.  With my speedy internet connection, I searched for and downloaded every conceivable photo of this marvelously handsome bear.  The above collage is the result of my obsessive collecting habits.

Mr. O’Zulu doesn’t appear to be with the band anymore and performing solo. And, unfortunately, that’s pretty much all the info I have on him.  So, I was wondering if any of our Italian friends out there could enlighten us about him.  Links to photos and videos would most definitely be awesome.  Anyway, here is the Official Site/Blog of Luca O’Zulu.


The above animated gif — which is something I can stare at FOREVER — is from the music video “Corto Circuito”:

(higher quality version)

Louis Lombardi: Actor, Filmmaker, Motivational Speaker

Louis Lombardi just has that gorgeous Italian handsome looks. And I also love to listen to his deep and husky Brooklyn accent. Very sexy, most definitely.

I also love the fact that in most of his film/tv appearances, he tend to unbutton his top shirt, revealing a glimpse of his furry chest. I first saw him on Deuces Wild, and I became his fan ever since.

The stunning lady behind him is his wife, Miranda. What a beautiful couple!

Make sure to check out his Official Site. It has clips of some of his acting reels.

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Italian For Beginners

I just noticed that my 5 second Phil Martin video clip (lol, I got baited by some YouTarded Troll on the comments section) had this video as a “Related Video.”  I have no clue what he’s saying, so I’d appreciate it if someone out there could translate or just give us an idea as to what he’s saying.

Either way, he’s just so sexy and hot.