Joba Chamberlain: “Joba Like It’s Hot”

Yeah, yeah. I’m a fan of the Evil Empire.  But let’s put down our differences for a moment, and appreciate the fact that the Yankees currently has one of the cutest (yeah, I said, “cutest”) baseball pitchers right now: Joba Chamberlain.

In a couple of hours, he’s playing his third start of the season against the hot-hitting Houston Astros.  He didn’t pitch too good in his first start, but showed promise and control in his second start.  Will he quiet the Astros’ bats tonight?  If I’m a betting man, I’m putting money that Joba will mature into a woofy bear, just like Bob Wickman…  Lol.  What did you think?  I’m putting money on the Yankees?  Well, I do live in Las Vegas…  -_^

Apparently, we won’t be seeing too much of this excited Joba as the sports
media consider his emotional outbursts to be unprofessional and excessive.
What a shame.

10 thoughts on “Joba Chamberlain: “Joba Like It’s Hot””

  1. Cool. Thanks for that info, JobaRules (love the nickname!).

    He got another No Decision today against the Padres but the Yanks won because of his spectacular pitching. He could have blown it a couple of times (especially the nail-biting bases loaded, 1 out in the bottom of the 2nd); but he showed resiliency and proved that he has what it takes to be a starting pitcher. Go Joba!

  2. Joba isnt his real name. His real name is Justin but his neice or cousin couldn’t pronouce Justin and called him Joba and he like it alot and so it stuck

  3. Wow. It’s like we’re on the same wavelength. I’m actually posting about Joe Blanton today. He’s actually pitching tonight against the D’Backs (and against Danny Haren, formally of the A’s). Should be an interesting matchup.

  4. mmm…I have been following this one since I saw him a few weeks ago. Definitely sexy.

    Joe Blanton of the A’s is also rather cute.

  5. Baseball has to be the one sport where the men are sexiest. Sure, (American) football has big linemen, but there’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about big baseball guys.

  6. Joba? lol
    What kind of name is this?

    A guy with this little hairy face and porky nose can have the name he wants… he’s really hot!

    ps: bearmyth, congrats for these “gifts” from american sport universe… 🙂

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