Sonny Roselli: The Italian Superman

The “Italian Superman” Sonny Roselli is quite possibly my favorite pro-wrestler at the moment (yeah, I’m fickle).  He is normally a heel but he’s so adorably cute and cuddly, that I can’t seem to buy the fact that he’s a “bad guy.”

Still, he does a spectacular job selling his heel persona.  He knows just how to rile up the audience.  He tends to strip the top part of his singlet, revealing his beautiful husky physique, then cockily flexes his muscles to his angry fans.  I’ve talked about that in greater detail (lol) in an old post (Sonny Roselli: Cocky Arrogance & Deserved Beatdowns In Pro-Wrestling).

Here is a recently uploaded video of a match of his.  He’s extremely cocky in this match and I can’t help but go crazy for this supersexy Italian bear.

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One thought on “Sonny Roselli: The Italian Superman”

  1. I have to agree with you on Sonny. He’s wonderful no matter heel or face. I’ve never been disappointed by him.

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