Eric Stonestreet: Chubalicious (So Delicious)

My buddy from Portugal, Luis, gave me a heads up on a woofy actor that I have criminally missed: Eric Stonestreet.  With all the television shows and movies I’ve seen, I can’t believe that I did not notice him at all.  Well, it’s time to rectify that by posting about him.  He also has a MySpace Page; unfortunately, his photos are set to private.

7 thoughts on “Eric Stonestreet: Chubalicious (So Delicious)”

  1. I had the pleasure to meet Eric Stonestreet at a screening, and not only is he yummy eye-candy, but he’s also intelligent, charming and witty. Yum!

  2. I met Eric once at DuPar’s in Studio City. 2004 maybe? I was wearing a Green Bay Packers T-shirt and he approached me and we started talking football. He’s a very nice guy.

    Sorry to report, however, that he’s not as burly in person as he looks on camera. Great face, but the body doesn’t match. 🙁

  3. Eric Stonestreet is indeed a handsome man. Check out the movie Girls will be girls. He appears in a good deal of the film and there is a scene of him shirtless. It’s a sight to behold.

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