Diablo III Barbarian & My Neverwinter Nights Daddy Bear

Blizzard has finally listened to my 1 billion emails to create a Daddy Bearbarian for Diablo III.  Lol, just kidding.  Maybe 926,890,476 emails.

Also, check out my Neverwinter Nights’ customized character.  He’s a beefier bearish warrior than the Diablo III’s barbarian, but they do share some similarities of sorts.  Someone at Blizzard’s gotta love them silver daddy bears!  -_^

Unlike the Barbarian, my daddy bear warrior sports a tribal tattoo on the chest!

6 thoughts on “Diablo III Barbarian & My Neverwinter Nights Daddy Bear”

  1. Eu gosto de mais desse jogo…
    É um dos melhores jogos que eu já joguei! Os guerreiros, armaduras, missões… É um show!!!

    Indico a qualquer pessoa que goste de mistério e tempos medievais, monstros e criaturas estranhas além de mitologias e diversas espécies…

    Sou fã!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I love a lot of the video games that are coming out. There have to be a few bear lovers in the staff at these places.

    Check out the hot characters in Age of Conan!!! Even the ads look HOT!! LOL

  3. has this game been released yet? trying to read around seeing whats going on but cant tell anything so far, any ideas?

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