NBCOlympics.com: Shane Hamman & Casey Burgener

I’m begging for assistance… Not only do these videos from NBCOlympics.com can only be viewed by U.S. residents, they are also impossible to download.  I don’t believe that.  There has to be a way.  Unfortunately, I’m not clever enough to figure it out which is why I’m asking for your help.

Anyway, these are some short interviews with Shane Hamman and Casey Burgener.  And if I’m able to download them, I’ll update this post and put the videos in here.

SHANE HAMMAN: Behind The Scenes
Shane Hamman describes the competition format and some of the backstage workings of weightlifting.

SHANE HAMMAN: U.S. Women’s Outlook
Shane Hamman introduces us to the four female lifters who will be representing the U.S. in Beijing.

CASEY BURGENER: America’s Strongest Man
Super-heavyweight Casey Burgener talks about his start in weightlifting and what makes him lift the bar higher.

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One thought on “NBCOlympics.com: Shane Hamman & Casey Burgener”

  1. Hi Will and all,

    sorry I can’t do anything about the problem with the footage from NBCOlympics.com. But I’ve found a nice substitute – a report about Shane Hamman taking part in the Olympics Games 2004.

    It will start with a commercial for some ladyshave product but then comes… the opposite: a short portrait of Shane. What a cuuute guy. If I met him, I would eat out of his hand…

    This is the link:

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