Paul Rae And The John Goodman Connection

Paul Rae

John Goodman (from Revenge of the Nerds)

Their age might separate them by 16 years, but it’s interesting to discover how the world would create doppelgangers.  Case in point: Paul Rae.  When I first saw him, the first thing I thought was “Holy f*ckballs. He looks like John Goodman!”

Somewhere/sometime out there is/was someone who looks/looked like you, sounds/sounded like you, and acts/acted like you.

And such is our nature to make connections out of things, I will play my part and make connections between Paul Rae and John Goodman…

From House MD (Season 4, Episode 13)

Paul Rae – Born in New Orleans, Louisiana…  Big, husky, and has a deep, booming voice.
John Goodman – A New Orleans, Louisiana resident…  Big, husky, and has a deep, booming voice.

Paul Rae – Former “big, slow” defensive lineman for the LSU Tigers football team [source]
John Goodman – Played football in college.  A big fan of LSU Tigers.

from Sea Of Love

Paul Rae – Played the stereotypical sympathetic “heavy” sidekick.  Acted with Academy Award winner, Cuba Gooding, Jr., (who gave a relentless, tour de force performance in the 10 times Oscar-nominated dramatic opus, Daddy Day Camp).
John Goodman – Played the stereotypical sympathetic “heavy” sidekick.  Acted with Academy Award winner, Al Pacino.   (Actually, just a great opportunity to show Mr. Goodman in that sexy t-shirt.)

From House MD (Season 4, Episode 13)

from Sea Of Love

Paul Rae – Wears a v-neck shirt (with bonus glasses!).
John Goodman – Wears a v-neck shirt (not just another great opportunity, but it includes bonus nipplage and belly action!).

Well, okay, so I really did not have anything solid to compare as I could only work with the images that I do have.  But one thing is fo sho’…  Both John Goodman and Paul Rae are very handsome men.

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8 thoughts on “Paul Rae And The John Goodman Connection”

  1. Both men have a coneection to Bogalusa, Louisiana, a small town about 45 mins south of New Orleans!!,…Proud to be from Bogalusa!!!!!

  2. Take it from someone who knows Paul personally. He has always been a big-hearted, wonderful person. I am so proud of him and the career that he has made and is making for himself. Also, he is actually very good friends with John Goodman. I am proud to have him as part of my family.

  3. I saw daddy day camp this evening and I really thouht that it was John Goodman who was playing this part.

  4. Wow I was Watching Daddy Day camp and could’nt believe that Paul rae And John Goodman Wer’nt Brothers.. Incredible

  5. “Paul graduated from Bogalusa High School with Anna Beth Hartzog the wife of John Goodman.” This from IMDb. We were watching an old episode of NCIS in which Paul Rae had a small part and, from the sight and voice, figured Paul for a younger brother or cousin of John’s.

  6. I absolutely fell in love with this guy based on the episode of House. Of course I then forgot about the whole thing and forgot to make a post about it! Good thing you did. 😉

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