VanAwesome: Vantastic VLogger

Sending out big hugs and a big “Thank You” to Sereno for introducing me to this cute cubby VLogger on YouTube.  VanAwesome has a certain look that just does not immediately stand out as “bearish” (to me, anyway).  However, when Sereno linked me to his favorite videos, I then quickly fell in love with VanAwesome.  Here are just some of the videos that not only displayed his cubbiness, but also his geniune wit and comedic talents.  His website also shows his unbelievable talents with 3D Studio Max and After Effects (loved his Motion Video of the robot and rhino and the Honda logo blew me away).

I can’t stop watching and laughing at this simply because I was
very familiar with the original Colin’s Bear Animation.  Genius.

VanAwesome and Sneezing Panda?  Gold.

This has got to be my favorite VanAwesome video.

It’s also my favorite as it has a mini-crossover video from the above.

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