Heinz Ollesch: Brutish Musclebear Behemoth

Oops, embedded disabled.  Here’s the link:

Bassbassboomboom (love that name), the owner of the Real_Thick Yahoo Group, has a fantastic YouTube page filled with all manners of brutes, beasts, oxes, behemoths, and other mythic ginormous giants.  There’s not a lot of videos yet as he had just started.  Anyway, he had just uploaded a short Heinz Ollesch video clip that loops on for about a minute.  This man definitely knows what I want to see.  And if YouTube one day adds a “loop” feature, I would always have to thank guys like Bassbassboomboom for knowing exactly what I want to ogle at — with no interruptions (hey, I’m quick).  -_^

FUN FACT: Heinz Ollesch appears as a musclebound bad guy in Tony Jaa’s Tom Yum Goong (The Protector).  Heinz throws an elephant as though it was a pillow.  See for yourself…

Anyway, here are some oldies but goodies photos of the massive Heinz Ollesch…

Ah, yes, musclebears on parade…

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  5. Hello, on the last photo (musclebear parade) I recognize Heinz on the far right, but I’d like to know who is the man just in front of him -still on the far right & wearing just a blue-red underwear. Thnks a lot.

  6. Looking at the last photo (musclebear parade) i recognize Heinz on h=the far right. But who is the man just in front of him? -still on the far right & wearing just a blue-red underear.
    Thanks a lot.

  7. This is what a perfect man is… beautiful body and a handsome gentleman. I just hate to see his body and armpit hair shaved. don’t be ashamed. be proud of what you have and show your uniqueness!…

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