Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko: Massive Russian Strongmen

About a month ago, Dale from Real_Thick Yahoo Group had shared that amazing photograph of two massive Russian Strongmen: Igor Pedan and Vladimir Kalinichenko.  I am not denying Igor’s hotness, but my eyes kept staring at the immensely hot Vladimir on the right.

Check out this YouTube video of him among other woofy strongmen.  And, more importantly, at 1:53 there’s a photo shoot of him while decked out with Primalstrike Bracers (provides 159 Armor, +15 Agility, +21 Stamina) leather spike gauntlets and holding a mighty long sword.  The blue jeans ruined the fantasy mood, but, hey, he’s shirtless.  That’s all that matters.

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10 thoughts on “Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko: Massive Russian Strongmen”

  1. aww i just finished jacking looking at this pic. only wish the other guy also is in sexy brief or spander..and look at the imprint of the cock head and balls plus belly and muscles.. i’m sure this will spread around porn sites.. wonder if these guys know they could be popular in more creamy manly way.. LOO

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