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Shirtless Saturday: Various Strongmen In All Manners Of Undress

Looks like a Fishbone song (“Sunless Saturday“) has inspired me to create this particular Saturday theme: “Shirtless Saturday”…

So on this Shirtless Saturday, we find a couple of shirtless behemoths involved in the wonderful world of Strength Athletics, more popularly known as Strongman Competitions…

I found most of these photos from a long-running blog that I just recently uncovered: Mature & Bear Men Hideaway (it has a plethora of full frontals, so this blog is NSFW).  The author tends to prefer the muscular and “smaller” (subjective, of course) bears while I tend to get attracted to the “bigger” and “chubbier” types…

Ah, yes, the bullgoon model, Gerard Benderoth, in all his bulky & sweaty glory

The thick, wide, & massive Ukranian, Vasyl Virastyuk

*boing* That’s right, I went there.  -_^
I mean, c’mon, Grant Higa and Matty Parkes?  Woof-dee daisy!

HELP!  Who are these beautiful massive men (especially the big bear on the right)?

Irek Kuras is in need of a clean up…  Any volunteers?

HELP AGAIN!  Vladimir Kalinichenko is unfortunately clothed in the photo,
but who are the other three (especially the big bear on the right)?

As for the final two photos, I know that the strongman on the very right is Alexander Pekanov.  But, dear Lord, who is that handsome furry bear on the very left?  *boing boing* indeed!  -_^

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I’m Pretty Sure You Remember Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko

Here are Igor Pedan and Vladimir Kalinichenko wearing a bearmythology-approved tight-fitting spandex and shorts, respectively.

And, more importantly, here are our favorite musclebear and musclechub being shirtless again…

Unfortunately, Igor Pedan is a victim of horrible photography as he’s in the middle…

Gotta love that cute bulldog face… *sighs*

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Remember Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko?

Remember the intensely hot photo of Igor Pedan and Vladimir Kalinichenko?  Ah, yes, looks like we have more photos of these handsome Russian Strongmen…

These three photos of Igor Pedan can be found on Maks D Flickr Page.

The following shirtless photos of Vladimir Kalinichenko (my favorite of the two Russian bears) may not be clear, but, dammit, they’re the only voofy votos of the vabulous shirtless Vladimir Kalinichenko that I could find (try saying that once!).

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Igor Pedan & Vladimir Kalinichenko: Massive Russian Strongmen

About a month ago, Dale from Real_Thick Yahoo Group had shared that amazing photograph of two massive Russian Strongmen: Igor Pedan and Vladimir Kalinichenko.  I am not denying Igor’s hotness, but my eyes kept staring at the immensely hot Vladimir on the right.

Check out this YouTube video of him among other woofy strongmen.  And, more importantly, at 1:53 there’s a photo shoot of him while decked out with Primalstrike Bracers (provides 159 Armor, +15 Agility, +21 Stamina) leather spike gauntlets and holding a mighty long sword.  The blue jeans ruined the fantasy mood, but, hey, he’s shirtless.  That’s all that matters.

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