SD Cubby From Why The Word “Woofy” Was Created

…as sometimes, there are just no proper words to describe a beautiful work of art such as this model of perfection…

I once subscribed to simply to see more photos of a bear model going by the nick of “SD Cubby.”  Here are some non-nudie photos of him…  (Hopefully, Cyberbears doesn’t mind me posting these photos here.  And while I’m on a similar subject, if you notice certain photos or even posts disappearing — well, let’s just say that I’m being told to remove them for various reasons…)

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9 thoughts on “SD Cubby From Why The Word “Woofy” Was Created”

  1. Thank you, Mike! Phew. For a minute there, I was expecting another blog-post-closedown. 🙂 But thank you for allowing me to post these photos. I will make sure to ask permission next time.

    I still have the “Dore Alley Bears” VHS that you have produced which is one of my rare bear pr0n videos. Tank’s way too dreamy.

    As for feedback, I will definitely send them your way. But, it is going to be a no-brainer: MORE MORE MORE SD CUBBY!!!

  2. You’re right, you shouldn’t just post pictures from other websites without getting permission first, but I’ll personally authorize it this one time. 🙂 Thanks for linking back to us, and for leaving our copyright information intact. You should send us feedback about the models you like. We try to be pretty attentive to the interests of our customers. Cheers!

    1. I’m trying to find more pictures of cyberbear model by the nickname of “Tank”. He plays in a few cyberbear movies, but the only info I can find on him is his nickname. Any suggestions?

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