Justin Anlezark: Australian Shot Putter

Thanks to Jibreal, he had pointed me out to Australian shot putter, Justin Anlezark.  Just when I thought that only the American Shot Putting Trifecta of Reese Hoffa, Christian Cantwell, and Adam Nelson are the only ones who are going to be at the Olympics (I’m calling “Clean Sweep” — lol), I find out that there are actually other shot putters out there!  -_^

Justin Anlezark has quite a trying tale for his road to the 2008 Olympics (check it out here).  Stories like that bring me back to my discussion on why I kinda hate sports, sometimes.  But at the same time, these are just the very stories that would truly evoke the power and wonder of the human spirit.

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4 thoughts on “Justin Anlezark: Australian Shot Putter”

  1. Hey Billy thanks for taking my opinion into consideration,it’s much appreciated!

    I couldn’t forget or take my eyes off of Justin ever since Olympics ’04 (the 7th picture/the last one) I thought this man is really hot,beefy plus hairy armpits that’s just makes him tastier.
    I love the first photo,AH AUSSIE!!!!!!!

  2. a moving story but not uncommon in many fields beyond olympics or anything.. i thought australia is a crazy olympic state willing to fund huge money for some regular performance unparalleled to similar middle-level countries. anyway, i feel a lot more dear to Justin.. beautiful man.

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