Adorable Bear From Chile Dancing As “Kung Fu Panda”

Chubarama just posted an adorable video of a cute chubby bear dancing to “Kung Fu Fighting.” I was instantly smitten and researched my way to find him.  But, first, I have to post that video as well because it is just so adorable…
(higher quality version)

Okay, I cheated.  On that video’s YouTube page, click on “Statistics & Data.”  You’ll notice the sites that are linking to this video.  Chubspot had the most referrers; luckily, these links are clickable and I was rewarded to a link to this adorably (I will keep saying “adorable” in this post!) handsome chubby bear from Chile: Carlos.

His Chubspot page also has many adorable photos.  Here are just a couple of my favorites…

And did you know that “adorable” in Spanish is also “adorable”?  Now you know!  😀

Ah, bears at the beach.  Always my perennial favorite photo scene…

This is, for some reason, my favorite photo from his album…

8 thoughts on “Adorable Bear From Chile Dancing As “Kung Fu Panda””

  1. Carlos, your dance video is pure magic. Many people have come across your video because it is just simply adorable.

    Thank you for dancing for us, you cute and huggable bear, you.


  2. I believe that I had bookmarked his page even before I realized that I *had* bookmarked it. ^_^

    That dance of his is completely stuck in my head. I think that I have committed his exact dance moves in my memory permanently.

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