Dan Blocker In The Bathtub! Shirtless! Wearing Only A Shower Curtain!

(higher quality version)

My very good friend, D.T., had just uploaded a fantastic shirtless Dan Blocker scene (as Eric “Hoss” Cartwright) from season 2 of Bonanza: “Courtship.”

Thank you very much, kind sir!  ^_^

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6 thoughts on “Dan Blocker In The Bathtub! Shirtless! Wearing Only A Shower Curtain!”

  1. Interesting.. I got to this page by googling the terms “dan blocker” and “gay”. The reason is, when I was a little kid in the mid-sixties (when ‘Bonanza’ was a top-rated show) my brother-in-law just became a policeman for the city of Torrance, California. I recall that he related a story to my folks that his fellow officers had ‘caught’ Dan Blocker with another man one night down at Torrance Beach, and that they were under orders not to talk about it. I didn’t know what that meant, and my parents wouldn’t explain. I know my Mom thought it was terrible, and my Dad was so upset! Just now, years later.. how ironic he seems to have a gay following.

    and is it me, or did that curtain suddenly expand about ten times between the window and being wrapped around that hunky Hoss?

    one of the top links on YouTube was for outtakes, and I can’t help but wonder if there were any for this scene? drooool!

  3. I’m having a wet dream right now as I picture DogWater having a wet dream. 😉

    But, yeah, I’ve watched countless of “Bonanza” episodes and I’ve never seen him shirtless. Thanks to D.T., my wish has finally come true.

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