Dan Blocker: Hossmania

While researching more about Mr. Dan Blocker, I’ve stumbled upon this fantastic photo set called “Hossmania” from Flickr’s Renenou (make sure to check out Renenou’s amazing Flickr Collections; I found a couple of new bearish and chubby eye candy here!).  It even has screenshots from the video that D.T. had uploaded on YouTube just a few days ago.

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7 thoughts on “Dan Blocker: Hossmania Leave a comment

  1. Excellent eye, brett! The fifth photo, especially, when he’s removing the bath curtain. I will be posting some photos (and hopefully vids) of Dirk Blocker from one of my 80’s guilty favorite, “Midnight Madness.”

  2. Dan Blocker made a huge impression on me as a little boy. He is the type of man that I like to this very day: a big, burly, loveable bear of a man. He would most certainly be an honorary “bear” if he was alive today.

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