John Goodman: Dan Conner Gets Comfortable
(higher quality version)

My great friend, D.T., has posted another wonderful video clip.  This time, it’s one of John Goodman from “Roseanne.”  Here is his description:

From season 8 of Roseanne, in “The Getaway, Almost” Dan (played by John Goodman) gets the house all to himself while Roseanne and Jackie go on a shopping trip – or so he thinks.

I have to admit that these are the very scenes that I tend to look for.  Sure, shirtless scenes and nudity are always nice to look at; but simple, everyday moments, such as a cute daddy bear like John Goodman acting all goofy and comfortable, are the ones that I tend to enjoy watching the most.

And to keep with the theme of Dan Conner being comfortable, here are some old collages of him wearing a tanktop (they’re not clear as I took the screenshots in the ye olde VHS days).  D.T. has also shared the actual video clip of this tanktop scene with me.  I’ll keep you guys posted when I upload this video.

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6 thoughts on “John Goodman: Dan Conner Gets Comfortable”

  1. Justin, sorry, I don’t know of any footage of John’s power workouts. Maybe FilmBear has an idea if these exist? He used to run John’s old fansite.

  2. So he was lifting to get those big over developed muscles in the Flintstones?? Do you know if any video footage exist of him lifting in the gym ? His body in the Flinstones was perfect those arms. I have never seen him look better.What else do you know about his power lifting regimen ?? You got my mind racing on that.All those scene you mentioned are terrific,but you forgot to mention the scene in The Babe on the railcar in the sleeveless jersey where you can see his arms grow and he lifts that guy up like a toy and hangs him over the back of the train.Pure Muscles.But The Flinstones was my favorite muscle movie with John.

  3. John did a power lifting regimen after “Always” wrapped (and where Spielberg had announced, “L&G, I have found my Fred Flintstone!”). He did keep the muscle mass for a few years after, but did not have a trainer or anything.

    The best skin for John is the hotel scene in “Everybody’s All-American” where he’s down to boxers! and tells Ghost (Dennis Quaid), “I love you!” before passing out drunk. It’s about midway thru the movie, and one of his last scenes.

    There’s one quick scene in “Barton Fink” where he’s in a wife beater and boxers about 2/3 in, and of course, Walter Sobchak’s meaty gams in “Big Lebowski”. (Don’t tell me no one else has freeze framed the bowling alley scenes hoping for a peek?)

    and in the Roseanne ep, “Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?” (s2?), where Dan & Roseanne celebrate their ‘first time’ anniversary by sneaking off to a hotel when the kids are ignoring curfews. You get some bare shoulders as he’s laying on bed, post-coitus? They’re facing the camera, and it is suggested they are both naked as they then head into the bath as the camera is knee-high. A-OOOGA!

  4. John has some awesome arms..Wish someone would post some video or pics from The Flintstones.John looks like a powerlifter in that movies huge bulging muscles.Did John take steroids for that movie or just lifted weights like a monster to get so huge ??

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