Gerard Benderoth: Police Officer, Strongman, Bullgoon Model

Bassbassboomboom and Bullneck are two bull & goon-loving guys who were responsible for introducing me to the massive and handsome Gerard Benderoth.

(higher quality version)
From bodytechusacom YouTube Page

Here are some classic photos of this unbelievable bullgoon…

The following fantastic photos are from Highstrungloner’s Flickr Page

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9 thoughts on “Gerard Benderoth: Police Officer, Strongman, Bullgoon Model”

  1. i live in new jersey. and i know that racist skin head. his pictures should be taken off this site. he is nothing more that a homophobic racist asshole cop.

  2. I think that every creature of God is admirable. There are few people who admire strength, and I am one of them. Human strength is a precious thing, that few people have. Among this people, Gerrit Benderoth is one of the funniest.
    (Sorry for the language, I am Italian)

  3. excess fat and mass bulked up with steroid.. yeah, not good for him ultimately. but hey, that’s totally pleasing to our eyes.

  4. luv them big and beefy!!!!! ollesch,wenta,filou,baddenhorst,peksa the list goes on. I never miss the WSM or United strongmen series.

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