Gerard Benderoth: Mo Rocca Interviews An American Strongman

Majored in art in college.  Loves painting.  Enjoys sewing and knitting.  Loves dance movies, especially Seven Brides For Seven Brothers.

When I wrote those things, would you even think that these are interests and passions of a strongman?

[vodpod id=Groupvideo.1566558&w=425&h=350&]
Direct link to that interview can be found here

Bullgoon-loving internet superstar, Bullneck, has just updated me about a fantastic video interview piece of Gerard Benderoth by ex-Daily Show correspondent, Mo Rocca.  Bullneck has also posted about this in his LiveJournal (which reminded me that I have been very lax with updating and checking out my very own LiveJournal account).  And I just have to shout out a huge “Thank you!” to Bullneck for thinking about me.  He’s such a super and smart guy and any of you bullgoons out there will be lucky enough to snatch this smart and witty young man.  I wholly endorse him.  🙂

As for the video, it was wholly unexpected.  I was expecting a rough and gruff personality, but through such intimidating exterior, he’s completely a “teddy bear” on the inside.

*begins sudden out from left field rant*

And as a lesson to any of you homophobic “bearish guys” out there, take a lesson from Big Benderoth himself as he talked about “confidence.”  If you can’t handle any gay references or insinuations, then there’s something wrong with your level of confidence.

*ends sudden out from left field rant*

Anyway, I really love the video and I love how Benderoth is such a completely nice guy.  I’ve also been a fan of Mo Rocca and he definitely did a great piece with this one.

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4 thoughts on “Gerard Benderoth: Mo Rocca Interviews An American Strongman”

  1. I have had the oppertunity of meeting Gerald in person. My first impression of course a warroir of brute strength and talking with him, was very educational on the World Strong Man Competition. I think these are the kind of guys, kids should look up to as strong men but also hero’s in a way. Because the goals and there strong in mind as well as body.
    I also learned that he is just another human being surviving in the world.

  2. yeah, he is even cuter and hotter in video 🙂 he lifted up the interview guy.. i want him to do that to me 🙂 and yes, i want his spandex at the end of the day. LOL

  3. Thank you for posting the video. After all the photos that i’ve seen of Gerard, it’s refreshing to see that he is a nice guy.

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