Shirtless Saturday: A (Shirt) Tale Of Two Stevies

One Steve is a strongman from Canada, while the other is also a strongman, but from the United States of America.  And one thing is for sure: they are both Tyg-erifically woofy being shirtless…

The first is the beefy and burly Canadian, Steve Bourgeois..

While the other is the thick and husky American musclebear, Steve Kirit…

9 thoughts on “Shirtless Saturday: A (Shirt) Tale Of Two Stevies”

  1. Yeah, Kirit is amazing. Thick.

    He’s retired from strongman competitions now, I hope he is doing well.

  2. omg! I need that photo from steve bourgeois where he’s sitting with his legs open and shirtless… PLEASE 🙁

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