HELP! Please Identify This Bearish DJ (Michael Carrera)

[EDIT: Sofakingbear, a ravishing bear himself, has pointed out to us this cute bear’s name: Michael Carrera (MySpace Page).  Looks like he’s grown out his hair and sporting a beard.  Man, oh man, and he is still a stunner.  Wows!]

I was just wondering if any of you guys recognize the cute bear in the following photos.  I got them from MySpace and I forgot to label them correctly and just saved the images with those annoyingly long hash of numbers and letters.  Anyway, I think he’s a DJ, but I could be wrong.  Anyway, whether we find out who he is or not, all I can say is he is just MIGHTY DAMN FINE…  WoooooooF!

Yeah, this photo sealed the deal for me.  🙂

[EDIT: I just found this one and I guess he is a DJ…]

4 thoughts on “HELP! Please Identify This Bearish DJ (Michael Carrera)”

  1. That indeed is Michael Carrera. I got to hear (and meet!) him this past weekend at the Timberfell Bear event in Tennessee. Besides being super hot (and REALLY nice!) he in person, was a great DJ. He rocked us all night!

  2. This is THE one and only DJ Michael Carrera and more info about him can be found at He has been a friend of mine for 7 years now and is an amazing person, as well as HOT. He’s in San Diego and I can’t wait to hang out with him again!

    Kudos to you for posting his pics!

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