Unknown Husky College Football Player (Brett Romberg)

[EDIT: Thanks to xibearix, this husky fella is Brett Romberg.]

I scanned this from a magazine back in 2004.  I was actually at a dentist’s office, reading through a Sports Illustratred magazine, when I stumbled upon what was originally a college football group photo.  So with my nimble, David Blaine-like skills, I quickly ripped the page then stored it in my backpack.  Unfortunately, I did not care at the time who it was; I just wanted to “collect” that spectacular photo.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has done something like this…  😛

Anyway, if there’s anybody out there who knows who this beefy hunk is, any info will be greatly appreciated.  My guess is he is with the Texas Longhorns based on the color of the football jersey.  But, then again, my memory seems to be telling me that this group photo was about college football players who were also playing soccer.  Oh well, whether we find out his identity or not, you have to admit that he is one mighty fine husky specimen.

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7 thoughts on “Unknown Husky College Football Player (Brett Romberg)”

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  2. Hey that’s cool! Just glad I could help. I know when I get on a kick about something it pesters me until I get it all figured out.

  3. @ Tommy:
    Awesome detective skills, Tommy! Your sleuthing prowess actually directed us to Brett Valdez who is actually a very woofy big bear. He also graduated at the same college at the same time as another woofy big bear, Kasey Studdard.

    @ xibearix:
    Thank you so very much! This is definitely him! Googling him even brought us to the original photo!


    The caption also mentioned that it was from 2002! This was probably the reason why I ripped the mag, as it was 2 years older at the time. Anyway, that photo from tha CNN SI site appeared to have lost the caption I’m talking about. Weird, as I just read it a few minutes ago.

  4. It’s Brett Romberg, who now plays for the Rams. That pic is probably from his days as a member of the University of Miami.

  5. I do the same thing, man, actually I take the whole magazine…lol…anyway, I looked it up…the guy couldn’t be from the Longhorns…I looked up who played during those years with the number 66…first it was Brett Valdez and then Buck Burnette…both very hot guys, but neither looked like this guy. Must be some other team that has bright orange…Longhorns were kinda burnt orange anyway. Maybe Tennessee or Auburn…I’ll keep looking

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