Warren Sapp: Big Bear Boogies To The Hustle

Gotta admit it: I’m hooked on Dancing With The Stars.  As I’ve mentioned before, I only decided to watch the show simply because of Warren Sapp.  So far, he’s been consistently spectacular on every dance.  Unfortunately, Brooke Burke is just utterly phenomenal and definitely the star to beat.

My predictions for the top 4 are: Brooke Burke, Warren Sapp, Maurice Greene, and Cody Linley.  Brooke is a favorite with the judges and fans, while Warren is a definite crowd-pleaser.  Maurice and Cody, despite their inconsistent scores with the judges, they are consistently anchored by two of the greatest professional female ballroom dancers (in my opinion).  I think I actually have a non-gay crush on Julianne Hough (Cody’s partner).

This week’s show was definitely a blast.  Warren Sapp delivered the goods and truly transported me to the ’70s by performing The Hustle.  Even with the anachronistic moonwalk and breakdance arm wave, the spirit of the dance was in full effect and I found myself “Whoa”-ing a couple of times.  However, I feel that Cody and Julianne did the best dance of the evening and the audience’s “boos” to the judges were well deserved…

I’ve uploaded Warren and Kym’s The Hustle to DailyMotion, but it’s been “publishing” for the past 6 hours; so, I’m guessing that it’s either really slow or I’m gonna get another copyright infringement notice…

Anyway, this is my placeholder for the video, if it ever gets published…


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