Daniel Gagnon: “Top Chef New York”

I’ve been watching Bravo lately because of their “scariest moments” countdowns and they kept promoting Top Chef New York.  I haven’t seen the show, but apparently its Season 5 premieres on November 12.  More importantly, this cute bearish fella is gonna be the only reason why I just might start watching it…

This cute husky bear is Danny Gagnon and I’ve fallen in love with his accent (check out his video here).  And, oh yeah, not just the accent, by the way…

Damn.  That’s all I can say…  🙂

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22 thoughts on “Daniel Gagnon: “Top Chef New York””

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  2. This dude deserves his own show. He appeals to such a wide demographic, networks would be foolish not to hire him.

  3. danny, where have you been all my life? hope to meet you one day in the city. wish you stayed longer on the show. i’m a new yorker and i see hot bears all the time, but you’re definitely one of the hottest men alive.

  4. They always had “woofie-busisness” goin on on Top chef, especially with Calicchio himself, WOOF! with those peircing grey eyes. But, I’d have to say that Daniel and Richard this season takes the cake! Woof-a-rama!!! Who cares about the food, I want those bear Dishes! Richard works as a bartender at Pecks in San Diego and I live in OC, I just might pay him a visit!

  5. So how can you mention Daniel and not Richard? I just watched the premiere, and it was super great, and Daniel looked hot as shit, but Richard is almost as hot and is a part of their little group of gays called Team Rainbow. Good times!

  6. now theres a bear i would like to roll around the wood with! So i’ve heard through the grape vine he is hung like one too!

  7. All I can say is that they must know their demographic! A season or two ago during a reunion show, someone from Guerneville, CA wrote in asking Chef Tom Colicchio if he knew he was a big icon in the bear community. Guess that started something…

  8. Im watchin Bravo now! The only reason I watch Food Network Is to check out Duff & Guy but Danny Is the new Bear In the kitchen for me.Double WOOF!

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