Dave Williams: “Drowning Pool”


Dave Williams was the late singer of Drowning Pool.  The band had a hit song called “Bodies” that has lyrics that I dedicate to…



person —



woman —

of every





who voted “Yes” on Proposition Hate.

I dedicate this song to all of you…  And, by the way, a really big “FUCK YOU” to you as well.

(higher quality version)

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3 thoughts on “Dave Williams: “Drowning Pool””

  1. definitely was a cute cub!! i got to see them perform at a small local venue in support of some other band. during their “bodies hit the floor” song he walked through the crowd and actually stood next to me for a while as we both yelled into the mic! it was awesome!! he was a lot shorter than i had expected, but i’m an absolute sucker for short, husky cubs!! sorely missed…

  2. rest in peace dave

    yes he was adorable but at the same time a lovely one… when he died there were hard days for me, new solist’s voice was like his but i count continue listining DP from him.

  3. He was soooo HOT! i wasnt even out to myself yet but i couldnt help but stare and is probably why i started liking the band. but then well now I LOVE the old band.

    when he died, i was soo pissed to learn he overdosed on fucking drugs. Another major band had commented on his death and said that band was just about to make it big too.

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