Michael Cudlitz: “Band Of Brothers”


It’s a holiday that I can’t seem to begin with “Happy” as it is more of a remembrance and a reflection, rather than a celebration.  However, regardless of your stance on war and soldiers, respect is owed to those who have sacrificed their lives for our country.

With that, I will now shift focus and mention that HBO’s Band Of Brothers is one of my favorite shows ever.  If you guys and gals haven’t seen it, then you guys should rectify things and buy or rent it.  It’s that good.


Michael Cudlitz is definitely one bonus reason to see it.  Always loved the scenes when he’s smoking…  and when he’s just simply smoking hot…






michael-cudlitz-wwf2Jacob’s Ladder — The Prelude

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2 thoughts on “Michael Cudlitz: “Band Of Brothers””

  1. ok….I swear to god every time I do a search on guys I like for images on google, this site comes up. Apparently I’m a straight woman that likes bears LOL!!!!!!!!!

  2. MR. Cudlitz is probably one of the hottest man working in Hollywood. No less.
    Playing baseball with his cigar, his pure american blond hair…pure melt…

    I wish i had his hand on my head like in the last pic! lol

    dream: him and Drew Powell in a bed 🙂

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