Daniel Gagnon: “Top Chef New York” (Episode 01)


As a non-cook, I was pleasantly enthralled by Top Chef New York.  And, more importantly, seeing bear candy such as the handsome Daniel Gagnon is just gravy.  Man, he is just SO adorable!


danielgagnon-topchef-01-33No doubt







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10 thoughts on “Daniel Gagnon: “Top Chef New York” (Episode 01)”

  1. Dude – I used to work with your cousin Gene. Are you still on the show? Sorry – I haven’t been following. Gene told us that we’d be able to pick you out in a heartbeat as his cousin – and he was right! 😀


  2. Top Chef is my favorite show. Padma is sensational. And I thought Danny and Patrick made a cute couple – I thought Danny was into it as well. Too bad parting had to happen so soon…

    Regardless of what happens this season, I hope Danny gets his own series out of this – half cooking show, half lounging around in various states of undress. I’m sure Logo would put it on, no?

  3. Richard is definitely a cutie but because Danny’s on the show, I must remain monogamous with my lusts. Lol. The Head Judge, Tom Colicchio, is also way hot and I can’t believe that I missed all 4 seasons of the show!

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