Two Woofy Tuesday: John Goodman Vs. Kevin James


Normally, on a sophomore effort such as a sequel or Season 2, the tone gets “darker” (for example: The Empire Strikes Back and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom).  Well, such is the case for BearMythology Year 2.  Lol.  Let’s kick things off with today’s Two Woofy Tuesday theme of “Leading Chubby Bear In A Sitcom For 9 Seasons”: John Goodman from Roseanne or Kevin James from King Of Queens.

I will also be posting the winner next Wednesday instead of tomorrow.

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13 thoughts on “Two Woofy Tuesday: John Goodman Vs. Kevin James”

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  2. No fair! Both of them are big burly sexgods I have lusted after for some time now. In searching for some edge for one of them, it seems as tho John is looking a bit past his prime these days, altho a recent photospread in Entertainment Weekly for Rosanne had him looking very hot. Honestly its a tie for me, but I’ll vote for Kevin this time, based on how furry and beefy he is. Still luv ya John…….

  3. This is like asking which of your balls you would rather lose. You love each of them terribly and life just wouldn’t be as sweet without either one.


    James ftw!

  4. WHY WHY WHY are you making me choose?!

    I refuse to vote on this poll… I love them both. They both have sweet smiles.

    But if I really had to choose… I would go for Kevin.

  5. I ran into Kevin James in a Vietnamese restaurant off the Vegas strip a couple of years ago. His sitcom was still on at that time and I told him I loved his show. He said thanks with this sweet smile on his face. Not pretentious at all.

  6. Goodman wins on personality points, but I’d rather go for a roll in the hay with James, even if he does kind of annoy me.

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