BearMythology: A 1-Year Retrospective


One year ago, I decided to blog about a large, yet hidden, part of me: my attractions and love for “bearish men.”  It was very new to me, because prior to this, I managed a private Yahoo Group that pretty much did the same thing I’m doing now here (and long story short, I abandoned that group because I thought that it was best if I “turned straight” — thank goodness I didn’t go with it).

Over the course of that year, I have met many new and old friends alike.  I am very thankful to all of you for browsing through, commenting (both positive and negative), and supporting this blog.  I can’t express my gratitude enough for being able to share such passions with like-minded people.

So with that, I’ve decided to drop the “Weblog” as this blog is starting to have a life of its own.  Plus, I seem to imply that my name is “BearMythology.”  Anyway, I’m not “physically” a bear, though the years seem to be putting some good pounds on me.  I’m slowly trying to “come out of the closet” somewhat, so if you have a MySpace page or LiveJournal blog, do add me as your friend.  Also, if you have a YouTube page, please add or invite me.  I’m not quite “savvy” with all of these social-networking sites since I’m not a very “sociable” person (both online and off).

So, what happened this past year?


My number one bear is still Ray Winstone.


Chris Dowd is one media personality I am unbelievably massively obsessed with.


John Goodman, Richard Karn, James Gandolfini, Mark Addy, Faizon Love, Kevin James, Andy Richter, Larry The Cable Guy, and Drew Powell are just but a handful few of my favorite bearish actors.


Chad Brock, Steve Harwell, Steven Page, Billy Milano, Dave Williams, and Kirk Windstein are just but a handful few of my favorite bearish musicians.


Heinz Ollesch, Terry Hollands, Leon White, Reese Hoffa, Manuel Martinez, Christian Cantwell, Prince Fielder, Joba Chamberlain, Jeff Saturday, and Kasey Studdard are just but a handful few of my favorite bearish athletes.


I posted about Warren Sapp about 1 post too many…  And I will continue to post about this woofy bear!


Strongman and musclechub extraordinaire Phil Martin emailed me and he was super friendly.


I am completely in love with the talented and lovable Joey Oglesby, sometimes known as Donnie Davies.


Interviewed a fantastically woofy straight pro wrestler, Shane Morbid.


Got involved in some online drama with a strongman’s (Boris Haraldsson) girlfriend which fortunately led to a happy ending.

Recently started doing weekly polls (Two Woofy Tuesday) for which I’m not doing too good in (I’m 0-for-3!).

Having way too much fun on Shirtless Saturday.

[BearBeat], [BearPit], and [BearFic] are and will continue to be my very unique bear fetishes.

Chubarama — the greatest chubby men blog — is my only and greatest promoter/supporter.  Thanks, guys!

I love pro-wrestling way too much as it completes the trifecta of my bear fetishes.

I’m always fascinated/horrified at what the straight guys tend to comment about this blog.  Here’s one recent discussion about my J-Rocc posting.  (“Popular gay blog”?  Lol)

Here’s my most important post ever on the blog: Carl Sagan’s A Pale Blue Dot.

Dominic Filiou and Ty Olsson are not as hefty as I once knew them.

In my American-centric worldview, I was treated to the fantastic bearish athletes of Ssirum, Kirkpinar, Kushti Wrestling, Kabaddi Wrestling, and, lol, Rugby

Well, that’s pretty much a small sampling of what happened this past year.  Here’s looking forward to Year 2…

12 thoughts on “BearMythology: A 1-Year Retrospective”

  1. I was reading this blog completely amaized with what you wrote as if you wrote my mind and my darkest secrets. I live in new york and have a partner beautiful and amaising bear man. recently opened gay man and all my life I was looking at the television or movies in hope to see some nice manly guys that I would fantasize about and suddenly one beautiful day I saw my first strongman competition and my mind went crazy hahahha But now I have found perfection in many ways and for all you guys that are closeted or scared of urges you feel, please love yourself and respect your needs, I love you all and wish you get all you want

  2. @ Jason:
    You are definitely a wonderfully plump cuddly bear (even if you are straight) and your wife is very blessed to have a dream hottie for a husband.

    @ b:
    I’m of the “do as I say but not as I do” school, so all I can say is to trust and listen to your heart. If you like big guys, then there’s no shame in it. Whether your feelings are gay and/or straight, just realize that such feelings are just “is.” Embrace who you are.

    @ marc:
    Thank you very much for the comments. And, yes, Ty needs to beef up more, just as he did in “X-Men 2.” And, yes, Jim Belushi is definitely a hottie.

    @ DG:
    Amen, brother, amen. Ray Winstone is definitely THE HOTTEST MAN ON THE PLANET.

    @ brett:
    Thank you, friend! “Sexy Beast” was my first introduction to Ray and I remember buying an imported VHS of “Nil By Mouth.” Though he was a tad slimmer there, he was still nevertheless THE HOTTEST MAN ON THE PLANET.

    @ PORTO:
    Ah, my dear friend, Porto. Your comments always put a big smile on my face. I will never forget you for being the one to introduce me to the name of Drew Powell. *swoons*

    @ Cubfrubus:
    Thank you very much! I’m stepping back, and I must say that I am pretty proud of the blog. But I have to thank you guys too for making it fun for me. BIG BEAR HUGZ!

    @ mm:
    Aw, man, muscle bears/chubs are my weakness. Thank you very much for visiting even though our tastes differ. Feel free to send me any requests of bearish folk you love.

  3. Congratulations.

    I don’t always share your specific taste in bears (not into the muscle types myself) but I love your blog nonetheless.

  4. Happy One Year! What an amazing collection. Step back and see what you’ve accomplished, well done! Bear Hugz!

  5. One of the Best Sites on the internet, if not the best. Keep up the good work. Ray Winstone has been a favourite of mine, since i saw him in ‘Nil By Mouth’ all those years ago.

  6. Congrats on a fantastic first year!! Prettymuch every highlighted name above is on my list too…but i do think there should be more Jim Belushi too LOL! Agreed, Ty Olsson needs to beef back up grrrr!
    Thanks for being part of my daily routine.

  7. i cruise your spot everyday, i guess, either i’m in the closet and don’t even know about it myself or just curious but mainly i look to see if you have classic pro-wrestlers and pro-wrestling clips up, either way, keep up the good work, and i like that interview with shane morbid, it proves not all of us okies are red state, gun totin’, homophobic idiots.

  8. My wife loves Jim Belushi in his show “According to Jim.” From my little pic you can see I’d be a wonderfully plump cuddly bear if I were a gay man.

    Great post! Daaaa Bears!


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