Beefy Musclebear Posing Behind Tina Turner


Tina Turner is 69 here and donning her Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome outfit.  Not to be an ass, but I wished she moved a little bit to the right so that I could view that magnificent musclebear behind her.  Thanks to the DailyMail for that photo.

6 thoughts on “Beefy Musclebear Posing Behind Tina Turner”

  1. @ mostincredibles:
    Lol. I’ve actually seen some thumbnails of seemingly woofy and beefy shot putters only to click on them and horrifyingly find out that they’re women! *gasps*

    @ Buddy:
    As much as it sounds “cool” on paper for Ms. Turner to relive her sexy Thunderdome days, I think that some things should be left in the past. As it is, she ended up looking like a parody of herself.

    @ Bearbuddy:
    Ah, yes. This is where we will have to agree to disagree. Most beefy black men are typically not furry, specifically on the body part. Most often, you get to see black men on bear sites when they are sporting beards, and I think that is unfortunate. Big guys like the one on this photo is definitely “bearish” — but, again, this is very important: that is only just my personal opinion.

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