Pardon The Interruption

It’s been hectic today so I was unable to create some screenshots for today’s Woofy Winner Wednesday.  The winner is Nick Frost, by the way, with the poll results of 136-206.  Christmas Day should be much better for me, so see you guys tomorrow, and have a safe and wonderful holiday season!

Here’s a non-recent Mike Holmgren collage (as he was still with the Green Bay Packers) in the meantime…  🙂


6 thoughts on “Pardon The Interruption”

  1. Mike Holmgren is hot and sweet. He was the coach here in Seattle and just retired. He’s gotten bigger and woofier since Green Bay. Maybe time for an update?

  2. Haven’t seen anything here on interim Oakland Raiders coach Tom Cable. The name alone translates into “all man.” I’d love to see more pix of him than the few they run over and over in the newspaper. He seems like classic Bearmythology material to me!

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