Woofy Winner Wednesday: Greg Grunberg


Based on emails, comments, and poll (76-152), Greg Grunberg reigned supreme as your woofiest gorgeous Grunberg.  The following photos of Mr. Grunberg’s Matt Parkman character are taken from Sparklies Gallery: Heroes.  As these are large file-sized photos, clicking on the photos actually sends you to a direct link of the original images hosted on Sparklies Gallery.  I know it’s bad to leech, but Sylar’s eyebrows told me to…








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  1. There’s another shot of Greg and his TV dad, Alan Blumenfield (sp? 2d to last pic) where Matt’s pressing up against Maury…and, um…WOOF!! Forget the Petrellicest slash and get the ParkMEN slashfest going!

  2. He’s too young for me but his TV dad is a WOOFer to the nth factor!!! When are they gonna hug, kiss and make up? Got some pics and videos of him?

  3. Oh god yes! This is the greatest New Year’s present ever. I just now set that first pic as my computer’s wallpaper.

  4. puppyjoe,
    unfortunately, season 2’s “Fight or Flight” ep (where that shot is from) is the only real interaction Greg and Alan had, but he does try to hug Greg, then immediately drops to his knees! YUM!

    Also, they kill off his character in s3, but considering both have the power to make you see what you want, this is the death that very few believe actually happened, and are hoping for his return.

    btw, glancing at his IMDb, he is in a movie with fellow Hero, Milo Ventimiglia, Pathology.

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